• Powder coated steel 40" Krushball Portable Trampoline

  • Super soft Krushball ball

  • Durable Krushball canvas bag


How is Krushball different than similar games such as Spikeball, Slammo, Spyderball, etc?

That is a great question! What’s the difference between badminton and tennis, or tennis and pickleball? They are all very similar games that use a different type of ball and different type of net.While Krushball has some similarities to these other games, Krushball uses a full size volleyball, a larger durable playing surface, and is a completely different game experience. We've optimized it for both 3-on-3 and 2-on-2 play. We've heard consistent feedback that Krushball is more fun and more intense than similar games. Most Krushball players are those who used to play the other games.

How many people can play Krushball? 

Krushball is designed for both 3 on 3 and 2 on 2 play. 3 on 3 adds another element of challenge and strategy.

What are the basic rules?

Krushball is Trampoline Volleyball. Each team has up to three hits to return the ball off of the trampoline.There are no boundaries and play happens 360 degrees around the tramp. The game is played to 21 points. Teams score points when the other team fails to return the ball off of the trampoline within 3 hits. Krushball is a game of speed, power, and angles.

What is included in a Krushball set? 

The Krushball set contains: a portable 40"  powder coated steel trampoline, super soft Krushball ball, and double lined canvas Krushball bag.

Do you offer wholesale pricing? 

We do offer discounts for those looking to purchase multiple sets, email us at and we'll get you hooked up. We also offer discounts for schools, sports clubs, and nonprofits.

Who is behind Krushball? 

We are not some big conglomerate (is that still a word?) but 4 family members who love volleyball and wanted to create a game with a full size volleyball, trampoline, and high quality materials. Jim, Matt, Jeff, and Drew have been working on Krushball for the past few years. Jim, Matt, and Jeff hail from Southwest Michigan. Drew is from Cincinnati. It's been a long road in getting us to launch: product development, sourcing, sampling, manufacturing, trademarks, patent process, and plenty of non-violent disagreements. But we are here and Krushball is live! 

Why is Krushball priced higher than other games? 

Krushball is at a higher price point for a few reasons. First, the materials are higher quality than many other games, it's built to last (powder coated steel, nylon bands, double lined canvas bag).  From the outset we wanted to make something that was really high quality. Second, we have been hit hard by the current tariffs making our manufacturing costs higher than anticipated. Third, shipping costs are high due to the size and weight of Krushball. Shipping is included in the price.